Types of Gaskets

Standard Gaskets - ANSI 150 lb and 300 lb Ring and Full Face gaskets.

V-type Envelope - This is a ring gasket with 0.020” thick sleeves slit from the OD to approximately 3/64” from the ID. A filler specific to your needs can be added. PTFE maintains inventory on these gaskets. 

Milled Envelope - Gaskets made from filled or unfilled PTFE cylinder stock, machined from the OD to within 3/64” of the ID. Milled envelope gaskets are available in standard sizes as well as custom specified sizes to meet your needs.


PTFE Industries manufactures gaskets from virtually all gasketing materials including vegetable fiber, mica, non-asbestos, cork, rubber, and expanded PTFE among many others. Proprietary products include: Max-1000 Mechanical/Reprocessed PTFE, Max-2000 Virgin PTFE, Max-2500 Expanded PTFE, Max Filled Materials, and Style CF High Temperature Non-Asbestos Material. 


We can cut gaskets up to 60” in diameter and also offer die-less pneumatic knife cutting, water jet and high speed CNC controlled die cutting. We manufacture all standard size gaskets in any quantity and material at the most competitive price. This is because PTFE Industries has the right equipment for large or small jobs to ensure value based pricing.